Sprout's Online Nutrition Programs are designed to inspire your staff to eat well and feel better. 

Our comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective programs provide staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make healthy food and lifestyle choices to support optimal health and wellbeing. 

Developed by our team of Accredited Practising Dietitians and experienced chefs, our practical, innovative and fun approach to food inspires positive action.

What's included?

The core program offers a range of interactive health tools including nutrition education, cooking education and a wide selection of online cooking classes. 

Online learning modules
Choose from a range of learning modules or create your own custom module to add to your program. 
Ongoing engagement
Scheduled reminders to encourage uptake of positive health behaviours.
IT support
We want to make managing the program easy, so we do it for you!
Live events 
Receive discounts for cooking demonstrations, nutrition webinars, and hands on cooking classes.

Investing in the wellbeing of your staff and promoting a healthier, happier workplace is good for business.

Sprout's workplace nutrition programs can result in:

Individual subscriptions from $199 per person for 12 months access

Corporate subscriptions available from $10 per person for 12 months access

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Additional modules

Choose from our library of additional modules to add to the core program

What is it, the different types of alcoholic beverages and its impact on health.

Eat well while at work
Practical nutrition advice for people working on the road, remotely or shift workers.

Portion distortion
Advice and strategies around ensuring a balanced, varied and portion-controlled diet

Reading food labels 
Learn to interpret food labels and make objective food decisions

Sleep, stress & mood  
We will explore food that improves mood, plus provide strategies to manage stress and improve sleep as well as discuss the importance of rest, recovery and mental heath.

Nutrition for active people
An overview of what, when and how much to eat to optimise performance and sustain energy and concentration through long shift

Goal setting
Learn how to create realistic and achievable health goals, implement these goals and keep yourself accountable.