We love teaching children about the importance of nutrition, where food comes from, and how important it is for their growing bodies, in a fun and non-intimidating environment. Children who take part in our cooking classes or school programs go home with the skills, knowledge and motivation to cook for their whole family!

Sprout Cooking and Nutrition Program

The Sprout Cooking and Nutrition Program is a comprehensive five day cooking and nutrition program designed by Sprout, suitable for junior, middle or high school students.  The course can be taught at your school’s Home Economics facility or at our purpose-built kitchen. The program includes market tours, health and nutrition presentations, kitchen safety, recipe writing, shopping and budgeting.  The recipes cooked over the five days introduce students to a range of cuisines and ingredients, cooking techniques and cultures.  Our program encourages team work and leadership, it recognises that everyone learns differently and offers all students an opportunity to learn via reading, watching, listening and doing.  The program also addresses literacy and numeracy skills in a practical manner over the five days through recipe writing, budgeting and measuring ingredients.

If you don't have five days available in your curriculum but you're still interested, no problem, we also offer short, modified versions of our course. 

Sprout Community Food Program

The Sprout Community Food Program has been designed by Sprout to highlight to students the important role that food has in the community.  This program provides students with a a range of food related experiences across South Australia and is designed to explore basic food principles such as seasonality, food and health, food and culture, food and physical performance, food security, food business and of course cooking.  By the end of this five day program students absolutely recognise that food in today's society is much more than something we eat when we are hungry!

School Canteen Menu Review

Want to improve the healthy options available at your school canteen?

We offer menu review and menu development services and have worked with a range of schools, childcare centres, private businesses and government organisations to evaluate and assess existing menus and kitchen practices and then design and implement new healthy menus.  

If you think your food service could do with a little inspiration our experienced team of dietitians and chefs is here to help.

School Cooking Demonstrations

We love visiting schools and hosting cooking demonstrations for students and staff. It might be as part of your school's health & well being week, perhaps it's part of your nutrition or physical education curriculum, or just as a special treat. We can also incorporate a nutrition presentation (or another health presentation) for students and staff.

To enquire about one of the above school programs programs call 08 8443 4343 or complete an enquiry form below and we will respond to your enquiry within one business day.