We never expect feedback or solicit online reviews. But every now and then you are generous enough to go out of your way to let us know about your Sprout experience. We've published a few of your emails below; for online reviews see our Facebook page. Thank you so much for your kind words!

School Incursion
We were so lucky to have your Sprout team visit our year 1’s at school today. The staff were so organised, friendly and helpful and the kids loved it! I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone! Everything about organising this incursion was great! Getting information, booking, and setting up the day. Everyone I dealt with was fabulous- thank you!
School Program
On Tuesday this week, I had a number of old scholars on campus doing a project with/for me. Somehow, I got to speaking to one of them (who is a Nutritionist) about the Pulteney/Sprout Program. They asked me if the program had been of value to students. Instead of me answering, I turned to a recent graduate who was in the 'pilot' class of Sprout students in 2017. He stated that, ever since Sprout, he had cooked a meal for his family once a week (minimum). I had no idea that this was the case when I asked him what he thought of the program. He stated how Sprout had launched his enthusiasm for cooking and how the act of cooking and sharing this meal with his family had made them a stronger 'unit' and made him (in his words) "appreciate them more". 

You would be many things to many people... but to a number of students at Pulteney,  you and your business have been an inspiration and 'pilot light' for physical and mental health.