Food is more important to our society than ever before. 

Food impacts our health, defines cultures and is an important part of celebrations. We travel the world for food. Food brings people together.

Let food bring your team together and allow quality nutrition to help get the most out of your team and keep them healthy.

Sprout's corporate services will ensure your team have all the skills and knowledge they need to be the healthiest version of themselves possible and meet their potential, which is good for you and them!

Our practical and evidence-based approach to nutrition and health will help:

  • Reduce the impact of chronic health conditions on your workplace output,
  • Reduce presenteeism,
  • Reduce sick leave,
  • Reduce accidents in the workplace, 
  • Reduce insurance premiums, and
  • Create healthy and happy employees.

Corporate services:

Our team is hosting businesses at Sprout or visiting workplaces around Australia daily with the sole aim of inspiring Australian's to cook, eat and enjoy healthy food and take control of their health.  Our practical, innovative and fun approach to food ignites action.    Some of our corporate services include:

  • Hands-on cooking classes with team-building activities and games
  • Cooking demonstrations - at Sprout or your workplace
  • Guided food tours at local markets and producers
  • Online Nutrition Programs
  • Nutrition and health seminars (onsite and online) presented by our Accredited Practising Dietitians
  • Menu reviews for public and private businesses
  • Nutrition advice and consultancy for major food companies, schools, Governments and many more organisations
  • Food production advice and consultancy for food producers and food services
  • Recipe development
  • Nutrition resource production

Our Sprout corporate services use the most up to date research to offer practical nutrition and food advice delivered in an engaging and relevant manner.  Sprout corporate services:

  • Ignite change within individuals,
  • Generate cultural shift within organisations and businesses,
  • Result in immediate action,
  • Offer clear, direct and practical recommendations to create healthy
  • Help staff to reach their potential, and
  • Facilitate businesses to exceed their goals.

To enquire about one of our Sprout corporate services or to obtain a quote call 08 8443 4343 and speak to one of our friendly staff or complete the form below and we will respond to your enquiry within one business day.