Nutrition presentations:

Are you looking to inspire the people around you to think about nutrition more, consider the way they eat and perhaps make a few healthy changes? 

Our dietitians love a chat!  We regularly present nutrition seminars to people of all ages at locations around Adelaide and even Australia.  We have a range of topics designed to suit most groups but we can also design a presentation to meet your needs. Our dietitians are confident and knowledgeable public speakers and will definitely ignite some motivation within the audience.    

Presentations vary in length from 30 - 90 minutes depending on the topic and include:

  • Power Point presentation,
  • Audience notes, and
  • Interactive components.

Potential Audiences:

  •   School students
  •   University students
  •   Workplaces
  •   Professional organisations or associations
  •   Sporting groups

Possible topics:

  • Nutrition for growing bodies
  • Healthy eating, managing stress and getting the right balance
  • Food, culture and social media, busting trends for good health
  • Food, cooking, culture and how its all part of good nutrition
  • Workplace nutrition - strategies to navigate temptation, maximise output and remain healthy

Menu reviews:

Do you want to improve the quality of food available at your workplace or school?

Our comprehensive review process uses our experienced chefs and dietitians to complete a thorough, practical and meaningful review of your food service.

We offer menu review and menu development services and have worked with a range of schools, childcare centres, private businesses and government organisations to evaluate and assess existing menus and kitchen practices and design and implement new fresh and healthy menus.  

Our review process considers:

  • Nutrition adequacy,
  • Your target market,
  • Your food service goals,
  • Staff skill, knowledge and experience,
  • Food and beverage suppliers, and
  • Practical limitations such as kitchen layout, storage capacity, equipment and facilities  

As part of our menu review services you receive:

  • A thorough report detailing the state of your food service,
  • A series of recommendations specifically related to your food service,
  • A new menu designed specifically for your food service,
  • Collection of recipes to support your new and improved menu,
  • A cooking demonstration and tasting session for staff at Sprout,
  • Assistance implementing your new menu for four weeks after implementation date.

If you think your school, workplace or any organisation could benefit from our menu review process enquire below and one of our friendly team members will contact you to discuss your needs and provide you a quote.

Policy and advisory services: 

Sprout is highly regarded for its practical and real-world approach to health and nutrition.  Since 2011 thousands of people have benefited from our considered, strategic and sustainable approach to health and nutrition.  We have inspired over thousands of people to take control of their health through hands on cooking classes, cooking demonstrations, nutrition consulting, cook books and various forms of positive media.

Sprout’s relationships with the health industry and the food industry, our collaboration with highly regarded universities and our knowledge of food service operations based on our experience operating several successful food services places us in a unique position to assist in the creation of nutrition, food and health policy.  We have provided advice to the Government of South Australia, local governments, worked closely with major organisations such as the CSIRO and have positively assisted many associations, businesses and schools to create or improve their health and nutrition policy, culture and overall food ethos.  

If you think Sprout can be of assistance for you or your organisation please complete an enquiry form below and one of our friendly team members will contact you to discuss your needs.

For more information about the Sprout Nutrition and Cooking Programs, or to book a consultation, call us on (08) 8443 4343 or complete the form below and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.