Are you confident in your ability to manage dietary requirements?

11028NAT - Course in Dietary Requirement Awareness and Safety

This course was created by Sprout Training through recognition of the increase in consumer demand for foods that meet individual dietary requirements and the fact that accredited and scientifically supported training programs in the area of dietary requirement management, prior to this course being created, did not exist.  

Sprout Training has drawn on its nutrition science knowledge and food service experience to work collaboratively with the food and hospitality industry to create a course designed to improve the food industry’s knowledge, understanding and management of dietary requirements. 

The purpose of 11028NAT Course in dietary requirements awareness and safety is to provide the skills and knowledge to those within food preparation environments to safely and appropriately manage consumers' dietary requirements. The ultimate goal is to ensure that anyone with a dietary requirement feels safe and confident when eating away from their home and that they are able to enjoy positive and stress-free food experiences knowing that their dietary requirements have been appropriately and sensitively accommodated. This is turn will have a positive influence on the food culture and food business within Australia.

Course duration: Three full days (8.30am - 5.00pm)

Dates: A range of scheduling formats are available click here for dates 

Cost:  $899 per person

Subsidies: Not available

Delivery mode: Face to face

Entry requirements: Nil

Learner supplied resources: Learners require access to a smart phone or laptop

Training location: 89 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton SA (alternate locations available on request)

10248NAT Course in dietary requirements awareness and safe

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10248NAT Course in dietary requirements awareness and safety 

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Have you noticed an increase in customer dietary requirements?

24% of the Australian population report food avoidance due to food allergies, food intolerance or religion, culture and personal preferences
Allergies are among the fastest growing health issues in Australia and New Zealand, affecting around 20% of the population (1)

Does your food service have systems in place to manage cross contact?  Even a trace of an allergen can trigger an anaphylactic reaction.

Anaphylaxis is the most severe type of allergic reaction. It is potentially life threatening
There has been a 50% increase in the cases of life-threatening anaphylaxis in the past 10 years and now consumer safety is our major concern (1)

Customer dietary preferences are on the rise and the food and hospitality industry must be respect this.  

The number of Australian who identified as vegetarian increased by 10% from 2009 to June 2013 (2) 
In 2016 Halal products had a global market value of $45 billion which is predicted to grow to $58 billion by 2020 (3)

Coeliac disease is not a choice and it's on the rise.  Do you confidently manage coeliac disease dietary requirements?

Coeliac disease affects on average approximately 1 in 70 Australians (4)

Why train your staff to correctly manage dietary requirements?

  • Increase staff retention by showing your team you value their efforts and are prepared to invest in their personal and professional growth
  • Be one of the first to complete this new nationally accredited course
  • Capitalise on increased consumer demand and business opportunities
  • Reduce your risk of potential litigation and negative word of mouth
  • Increase positive word of mouth after customers enjoy a positive experience
  • Recognise that individuals with dietary requirements often determine or influence what and where their friends dine or purchase food

For any Sprout Training enquiries including the provision of 11028NAT Course in dietary requirements awareness and safety to a private group or at another location please call 08 8443 4343 or complete the enquiry form below and we will respond to your enquiry within one business day.