About Nutrition Consultations

Sprout Health Studio is comprised of a team of experienced and passionate Accredited Practising Dietitians dedicated to helping you achieve real, sustainable and positive health results.  We believe in diversity within our team and specialisation as individual practitioners.  This means that when you book an appointment a Sprout Health Studio you can feel confident that we have a dietitian qualified and experienced to support your needs.

The Sprout difference:

Collaborative approach

Sprout’s business structure is unique for the health industry in the fact that we employ all of our staff.  Rather than subcontracting professionals like majority of health services, by employing our staff we are able to create a genuine team environment facilitating team work, collaboration and a positive working environment.  

Professional development

Our team engage in ongoing group and individual professional development above and beyond the requirements of accreditation with the Dietitians Association of Australia.  We also ensure our professional development spans beyond nutrition training to other areas of development such as motivational interviewing and nutrition counselling to ensure we create well rounded and effective dietitians.  


Food and nutrition is a rapidly growing industry and we acknowledge that we can’t know everything about every nutrition topic. So instead we believe in growing our knowledge and skill in specific areas that are of personal interest to our team members.  This means we are passionate and knowledgeable about specific areas of nutrition which in turn benefits our clients.  We have created a team of professionals with a range of specialty areas ready to support your personal needs.   

A strong positive food ethos

Our Sprout Health Studio and Sprout Cooking School teams work very closely. As a business we inherently love food and we recognise how central it is to our lives.  It impacts our health and mood, but it also defines culture, is a social lubricant, it brings people together and is like a form of currency.  We love food and cooking and we are committed to ensuring all of our clients establish a positive and healthy relationship with food as we know this will lead to them living a sustainably healthy lifestyle.  

The journey

We don’t just tell you what to eat.  We begin by understanding you and what drives your health behaviours before we provide practical and sustainable recommendations.  We recognise that changing your dietary intake is a huge commitment and does not happen overnight, this is why we are here to support you through the highs and lows of lifestyle change.   

Sprout Health Studio offers a relaxed, non-intimidating environment with friendly, caring staff and knowledgeable, passionate and approachable practitioners.

Consulting hours:

Wednesday: 12.00pm - 7.00pm

Thursday: 8.30am - 12.00pm

Friday - Tuesday: Closed

To make an appointment call 08 8443 4343 or email [email protected]

Please note, our office is open Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 5.00pm. 

No referral required

HICAPS available

EFTPOS facilities available

Medicare enhanced primary health care plans accepted

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) accepted  

To make an appointment with one of our practitioners or for any another Sprout Health Studio enquiries please call (08) 8443 4343 or complete the form below and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.