Sprout offers a range of cooking and nutrition services aimed at educating children about the importance of eating well and providing them with the skills to do so. 

We don't tell children what "not to eat" rather we make healthy food delicious, fun and achievable.  We believe that the only way our society will make genuine change towards improving the health of future generations is through cultural shift.  We need to empower adults to be positive role models and we must facilitate children making healthy food choices not because they have been told to but because they want to, because they know no different. Not only will this lead to improved health outcomes but it will also ensure that children have a positive relationship with food rather than one built on fear and exclusion.

All of our kids cooking classes are inclusive of all children, use positive reinforcing language, encourage interaction, teamwork and respect between children and are designed to positively challenge children with new cooking techniques, real responsibility and some unfamiliar ingredients. 

Children with dietary requirements are absolutely welcome to attend Sprout cooking classes and all Sprout staff have completed the nationally accredited course Dietary Requirements Awareness and Safety.

Sprout kids cooking classes are offered at Sprout during the school holidays and at a range of shopping centres around South Australia. 

Sprout also offers kids cooking classes at schools and childcare centres upon request. You provide the and we bring the equipment, ingredients, recipes and staff and all of our staff are first aid trained and have DSCI clearance. To enquire about Sprout visiting your school, childcare or business please complete an enquiry form below.  

To purchase tickets to a Sprout kids cooking class, click here.

To enquire about a Sprout kids class at your school, childcare centre or another venue please call 08 8443 4343 or complete the form below and we will respond to your enquiry within one business day.