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We Love...Pasta

Our We Love cooking classes are designed for the inner foodie in all of us.

They focus on ingredients, dishes or techniques that are a little more indulgent.  They are the recipes we love cooking on the weekend when we have some spare time.  Because of this, We Love classes are longer (4 + hours) and held on Saturday mornings.

So, if you want to appeal to your inner foodie and whip up a weekend storm, We'd Love you to join us for...

We love Pasta!

We love fresh home cooked pasta! Home cooked pasta takes two minutes to cook, is served al dente, but still melts in your mouth. It's THE BEST!

The way different shapes cling to different sauces, how filled pasta is an explosion in your mouth with every piece, and how a few ingredients can produce so many different and delicious dishes.

We all have a packet, or two, or ten, of dried pasta in our pantry, and there is nothing wrong with that. It's convenient, we get it, but when time permits, nothing beats fresh pasta!

In this class we will prepare a range of fresh pastas and delicious sauces and sides before enjoying an Italian feast that Nona would be proud of! 

Ages 17+


  • 100% hands on cooking class,
  • ingredients,
  • beverages,
  • only 24 guests

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