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We Love...Curry

Our We Love cooking classes are designed for the inner foodie in all of us.

They focus on ingredients, dishes or techniques that are a little more indulgent.  They are the recipes we love cooking on the weekend when we have some spare time.  Because of this, We Love classes are longer (4 + hours) and held on Saturday mornings.

So, if you want to appeal to your inner foodie and whip up a weekend storm, We'd Love you to join us for...

We love Curry!

Deep and rich, light and bright, from Asia to Africa, we will explore the art of making curry while learning three totally different but equally delicious recipes. 

Three courses, four hours, and the best way to spend a winter weekend!

Ages 17+


  • 100% hands on cooking class,
  • ingredients,
  • beverages,
  • only 24 guests
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