Just wanted to let you know that we purchased an online cooking class last week for each of our teenage sons in order to encourage them to get into the kitchen!! (And for some school holiday fun!). Both meals turned out really well and were enjoyed by us all! They followed the online tutorial as they cooked as well as the printed recipe. Many thanks for the great recipes!
Just made/ate Thai Prawn Curry
Absolutely delicious
Looking forward to Barramundi tomorrow night!
Thanks to @sproutadl for another fabulous dinner. Tonight's choice was Thai Red Prawn Curry and it was the 4th Sprout recipe for the week but the first I got a photo of. If you are lacking dinner motivation I can highly recommend Sprout at Home.

I just wanted to say what a huge success your Pad Thai recipe video was with my 14 year old daughter. She has a few learning difficulties which have resulted in some kitchen disasters, so I realized she needs very structured, accessible and engaging instructions. We downloaded the Pad Thai recipe as this is a family takeaway fave, we started off by watching the knife skills and safety tips videos, before she made a list of ingredients. She successfully prepped everything while I sat at our kitchen bar keeping an eye on proceedings, but she could stop and refer back to the video at each step, and Themis’ knife skills intro was invaluable in helping her avoid the usual cuts and bleeds! She was SO proud when she plated up and explained the garnishes – and most importantly – it was absolutely delicious!
She’s now in charge of Friday night takeaway for the family! She’s chosen a few more recipes and I’m really looking forward to trying the results. Thank you Sprout – this has been a fantastic and creative holiday activity which has boosted her confidence immensely – many photos taken for various friends/family and social media accounts – and leftovers for lunch today.