Whether you are new to the kitchen, a confident cook or established entertainer Sprout at Home has something for everyone.

With four categories to choose from ranging from Kids and Apprentice to Sous Chef and Head Chef it's easy to find a recipe that's perfect for your current skill and experience level or perhaps a recipe that may provide an exciting challenge.


Designed for:
Children aged 6-12
Children new to the kitchen but keen to learn!
Perfect young families 
What to expect:
Common ingredients
Nutritious recipes
Food that is fun to eat!
Simple clear explanations
Example dishes:
Corn and zucchini quesadillas
Sweetcorn fritters with avocado salsa
Banana split


Designed for:
Less experienced cooks
People new to the kitchen
Individuals who lack confidence in the kitchen
What to expect:
Common ingredients
Basic household utensils
Familiar terminology
Example dishes:
Crispy skin salmon with peach salad and herb yoghurt
Sticky glazed chicken with Asian greens
Tarte Tatin


Designed for:
Confident home cooks
People who enjoy spending time in the kitchen
Those who cook regularly and are looking for some fresh ideas
What to expect:
Interesting flavour combinations
Some less common ingredients
Ingredients used in new and different ways
Multiple techniques per recipe
Example dishes:
Pumpkin and hazelnut risotto
Prawn jungle curry
Spiced lamb with olive tapenade, roasted eggplant and almond dukkah
Citrus souffle


Designed for:
Experienced home cooks
Individuals who love entertaining
People craving more cooking knowledge
Someone looking for a new culinary experience
People who see cooking as a personal challenge and an intersection between science, culture and discipline  
What to expect:
Challenging techniques
Unique ingredients
Specialty equipment
Recipes with multiple components
Example dishes:
Cured Kingfish
Mushroom consomme
Spanish charred octopus
Pistachio macarons