Learn to cook new recipes in your own home!

Our popular hands on cooking classes are now available online, so you can cook our quick, easy and healthy recipes anytime you want, in the comfort of your own home!

Whether you are new to the kitchen, a confident cook or established entertainer Sprout at Home has something for everyone. 

Online cooking classes from $5

With new recipes constantly being added to our database, you're only a couple of clicks away from some fresh cooking inspiration, practical nutrition information and lots of fun, of course!


Step 1:

Go to sproutadl/teachable

Step 2:

Browse recipes by difficulty or according to the season and purchase the recipe you want to cook.

Step 3:

Receive a confirmation email with access to the recipe and your cooking demonstration video.

Step 4:

Buy all of the ingredients you need for your recipe via the Sprout Shop.
Select your recipe, how many serves you want and enter your delivery address and dietary requirements, if applicable.

Step 5:

Start learning, cooking and eating delicious food!

Browse Recipes

Ingredient Delivery

After you have decided which Sprout dish you want to cook at home, for added convenience you can even order your ingredients delivered to your door!

Ingredients come pre-portioned and we will also make appropriate substitutes to meet any dietary requirements you might have.

Simply select how many ingredient packs you would like to purchase, determine your delivery zone (using our website), detail which day you would like your delivery to take place and we will handle the rest.  Pick up is also available from Sprout.

For more information about ingredient delivery, click here.



Learn important kitchen skills such as:
Cooking techniques
Knife skills
Kitchen safety
Food safety

Learn about:
Selecting produce
Basic nutrition principles

Have fun and learn important skills at the same time                                            
Recipes & cooking demonstrations from $5

Order ingredients as an optional extra

View your cooking demonstration as many times as you like

Receive a hard copy of your recipe



Cook alone or cook with friends

Take a cooking class as a group at one home or do it together from different homes

Teach your kids about cooking and have fun at the same time

Cooking classes available instantly

Order ingredients so you don't need to leave the house

Keep your recipe forever

Dietary requirement substitutes provided

Take a class anywhere, anytime and with anybody                   

Dietary Requirements
Do you have a dietary requirement?  No problem!

All of our recipes come complete with a dietary requirement matrix providing you with recommended substitutes (as well as relevant changes to the recipe's method) for common allergens, gluten and personal preference diets e.g vegetarian.

Also, all Sprout staff have completed Dietary Hawk dietary requirement management training and Sprout is a Dietary Hawk Certified venue so if you, a friend or a family member have a dietary requirement, you can eat and cook with confidence, knowing your dietary needs have been met.