Quick. Easy. Healthy.

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All your favourite recipes from our most popular cooking class, beautifully presented in our first Sprout cookbook.

The first Sprout cooking class we held in 2011 was called "Quick, Easy & Healthy". To this day it remains one of Sprout's most popular classes.

Why? Because it is what everyone wants. Good, healthy food with limited effort. Achievable food that we are happy to serve to our families on any given weeknight. Nutritionally balanced food that will help us achieve a healthy life, and will inspire us to cook.

And that, as you know, is what Sprout is all about.

The incredibly talented team at Murdoch Books has presented our favourite quick, easy & healthy recipes in this beautiful book which reflects what is quintessentially Sprout - good food that you can eat every day!

A kind word from a happy cook!

You visited Broken Hill last year and at the hospital my husband came along after the demonstration and had a chat to you and bought our book. His blood pressure was getting out of control and he knew he needed to start somewhere. After talking to you he decided to buy your book as his start. After work he left it on the kitchen table where I discovered it. Since November last year I have been meal planning for the family and have been cooking from your book 5 times a week. Thank you so much for being the start for my family. My husbands blood pressure has come down, with exercise and diet I'm now the healthiest and fittest I've been since I was a teenager (even after 2 babies) and it's given my 3 year old and 9 month old daughters the opportunities to try different foods we wouldn't have normally eaten previously. We have eaten through spring, summer and are now into autumn and I must admit there are only about 2 recipes we wouldn't have again. That's pretty amazing for a cook book. I love how it is divided into seasons and allows us to cook and eat with fresh, seasonal produce and save some money. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you guys for changing our lives. (Now I'm off to start the reverse marinated beef)

What you'll love most about Quick. Easy. Healthy.

Quick. Easy. Healthy. presents over 70 of our favourite simple, quick and convenient recipes for fresh, healthy, flavoursome food. Dishes that use easy to find, seasonal ingredients, that represent good value for money, and which require minimal preparation and clean-up time.

The best bit? Quick. Easy. Healthy. is divided into four seasonal chapters, each with a collection of recipes using readily available ingredients in season, with suggestions for variations and substitute ingredients in every recipe.

Every recipe is nutritionally analysed, so you know exactly what you're eating. And the book is packed full of expert nutrition tips, suggested substitute ingredients for tricky dietary requirements, and advice for shopping smarter, eating better and living healthier. No fad diets or 'superfoods' allowed.