Our 12 month nutrition subscription encompasses everything we stand for at Sprout.  A program with nutrition education, cooking classes, structure, accountability, motivation and a full 12 month journey where you will learn in real time, experience every annual event, manage seasonal changes in weather, work, food, culture and socialising, all while under the guidance of your dietitian. 

What is Sprout's 12 Month Nutrition Subscription?

A structured nutrition and health program spread consistently over a 12 month period, designed to help you achieve your personal health goals.

What's included?

12 private nutrition consults per year (1 x initial, 11 x review)
Six Sprout cooking classes of your choice per year (subject to availability)
Monthly phone support between consults 8 – 12
Dietitian selected based on personal alignment and areas of specialty
Ongoing nutrition education
Nutrition resources
Ongoing accountability and monitoring
Goal setting
Motivational interviewing
Tailored meal plans
Access to Sprout’s online recipe bank
Correspondence with other health professionals as required

Fees - 12 month subscription:


  $1,565 (4 x $391.25 instalments)           
  $1,399 (upfront cost)    

Principle dietitian:   

  $2,020 (4 x $505 instalments)     
  $1,899 (upfront cost)

Medicare rebates are available for individuals with a Chronic Disease Management Plan, Diabetes Management plan, or Eating Disorder Management Plan created by a General Practitioner.

Private health fund rebates may be available for nutrition services depending on your level of insurance. Please check with your health fund.


For more information about the Sprout Health Studio's 12 Month Nutrition Subscription, or to book a consultation, call us on (08) 8443 4343 or complete the form below and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.