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Inspiring cooking demonstrations by experienced Chefs and Accredited Practising Dietitians

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Provide your staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make healthy food and lifestyle choices

Ensure staff operate efficiently and productively from the Homeplace

Workplace health programs designed for the home

Sprout’s Homeplace Health program is designed to inspire staff to eat well and feel better while working from home.

Sprout’s Homeplace Health is designed to inspire staff to eat well and feel better while working from home.

As businesses shift operations from centralised offices to the homes of their staff, employee welfare remains the responsibility of employers and becomes a more complex issue to manage.

With evidence showing that healthy staff are more productive, Homeplace Health is your solution to maximising the productivity and efficiency of your team while they work from home.

Healthy happy staff have higher motivation, greater output, reduced errors and overall greater job satisfaction, which in turn reduces costs associated with staff turn-over.

With more people working remotely than ever before, it’s now more important to get Homeplace Health into your business.

Cooking demonstrations

Our fun and engaging cooking demonstrations presented by a chef and and Accredited Practising Dietitian aim to increase the knowledge and confidence in your staff preparing simple, healthy and flavoursome meals.

Evidence shows that those who frequently cook at home have healthier diets and a lower risk of chronic disease. At Sprout we strongly believe that home cooking is key to a healthy diet and a sustainably healthy lifestyle. If you know what is going into your food, then you'll know what is going into your body!

Our recipes are quick, easy and healthy and make the most of the seasonal produce, meaning not only are our recipes nutritious, but also affordable, extra delicious and they support local businesses! 

As part of our Homeplace Health program you will receive access to pre-recorded cooking demonstrations and cooking resources. Demonstrations are around 20-30 minutes in duration and you can watch them at any time over a seven day period.

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Our short and informative webinars cover various nutrition topics ranging from the basics of healthy eating to mental health and using food to improve the mood. Each webinar is presented by one of our passionate and experienced dietitians, meaning you can ensure the information we provide is reliable and backed by evidence.  

Our nutrition advice is coupled with simple and practical strategies that have been tailored to suit the home office, helping staff to make sustainable changes to improve their health and overall wellbeing.  

Nutrition webinar topics include:

  • 19 Nutrition tips to get you through COVID-19
  • Nutrition basics for "homeplace" wellbeing
  • How your eating environment influences what, where, when and how you eat
  • The three nutrition P’s to homeplace health – Prioritising. Planning. Preparing
  • Good Mood Food

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