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Gut Health + Preventing Bowel Cancer Workshop - Jodi Lee Foundation X Sprout


Thursday, 23 June from 6:30pm - 8:30pm / $125

Nick Lee OAM, Founder and Chair of Jodi Lee Foundation joins Themis Chryssidis, Dietitian and Co-Founder of Sprout, to explore the relationship between a healthy diet, lifestyle and preventing bowel cancer.

Jodi Lee Foundation is a national charity that raises awareness for the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer, Australia’s second biggest cancer killer.

Nutrition + Prevention Workshop covers:

  • The key to a healthy gut 
  • The role a healthy gut plays in preventing bowel cancer
  • Practical strategies to overcome diet and mindset obstacles 
  • Tips to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle
  • How to recognise the signs, symptoms and risk factors of bowel cancer 
  • Steps you can take to prevent bowel cancer 
  • The personal story of Nick Lee OAM losing his wife Jodi to bowel cancer at the age of 41 and the importance of early detection saving lives 

Workshop inclusion:

  • Cooking demonstration 
  • Two course meal prepared by Sprout's catering team
  • Interactive presentation

Click here to view the Jodi Lee Foundation X Sprout Gut Health & Preventing Bowel Cancer Workshop Flyer

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